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All of the team at Stress-Ed are passionately involved in helping to reduce Stress, Depression and Anxiety in our society. We are encouraged and inspired everyday by the results we see, and through the lives we save. Part of our commitment to share this information with as many people as we can, is to contribute through our Community Programs.
What are our Community Programs?
These short and concise educational lectures are delivered in areas which we feel have a greater need for our services. As a donation based program, this gives an opportunity for anyone to come along, listen to what we have to share and hopefully get some relief.
When are our Community Programs?
The programs are run intermittently during the year depending on demand and other contributing factors. These lectures can be specially directed to visit any town with a strong interest in our service. 
How to attend one of our Community Programs?
Simply get in contact with us, share your specific story, where you are situated and we will start the ball rolling.